guit9reviewShred Alert-page-0April 7 , 2006
Hi Ron,
yesterday my wife´s birthday we had a great metal party. On this party your new metal baby had his second (after the tax office) chance in an European CD player to cry in front of several people. Two days before I had prove the baby from “THE ONE” until “SHREDDED INSANE” for myself. After all here is my / our result:
Great Opener, could be from the debut CD, typically RATTLEFACE
Very strong power ballade
Strong power rocker with crazy indian power drums. Heavy guitar and fantastic vocals. Various styles. Progressiv. You must play this song very very loud to enjoy it!!!!
typecally Rattleface power ballade. Time to get the power back for head banging.
Good Cover version from Aerosmith. I think this song would be better on the end of the CD as a bonus.
Good melody. Put on the cigaret lighter in the concert hall.
very strong song
good rocker
Good lyrics, good songwriting.
great Jake E Lee guitar. straight between the eyes!!! Progressive style.
Different styles but always RATTLEFACE
Pure rocker remembered something on DIO but better and stronger.So you have put more the pedal to the metal. That`s good. In the RATTLEFACE music are now more place for different style mixes. I think a brighter fan base will be hear it now.
But there is always one little problem. You must hear the CD several times before the baby is alive. You must give the baby many chances and than it´s a better one than “HARD TIMES”. But the debut CD is still on the top. But you are on the right way. One little thing is the “no metal cover” on the booklet.
On the debut the figure must be back again. So like “Eddy” from IRON MAIDEN. Has this CD a real chance in Europe? Yes, a better chance than “HARD TIMES”. So let´s wait and see.
I think live the band will be a real killer.
Every musicians is on the top and the sound quality is also in the green light.
I think the new sort of musical styles together with the typically RATTLEFACE will be in one union. Now people could say after the first guitar play and the first singing: This must be RATTLEFACE.
In a scale between 1 (bad) and 10 (fantastic) I will give 8 points. (One missing for the metal cover and one for the better debut CD.)
I think that must be fair.

Hope you accept my open opinion.
Uwe from Jolly Joker Promotion
April 1 , 2006
Hi Ron,
I´m back from the tax office and I must tell you the whole story:
I was in a big office where several people are working. On one side there was a girl standing with a package of jeans from USA on the other side people with more post packages from outside europe. After give away the tax letter to someone he went into another room and come out with your package, but a very strong and strange face. He told me that he want´s to open the package and than I must pay taxes for the CD´s. So he open it and put out one CD. Now comes the jolly part of the story. He ask if he could play one CD to hear what sort of music or words are on it. I gave him green light and he open one CD put it in his player on his table and WHAUUUUU the first song are breaking through the whole office. People stop talking and look at me. The tax man skip through the whole CD and no one talk. Everything stood still.So the first cry of your new baby was in the tax office from Aachen.
But the best thing was that the taxman stop the CD, put it back in the box, give me your parcel and says: Okay, no tax, it´s good music!”
Greetings from
Uwe Reuters from Jolly Joker Promotion
Second House on the Left Testimonials
March 20 , 2006
“Once again Rattleface has proven to be the loudest, f**king band of all time!” ~ Randy Chambers

March 3 , 2006
“The ultimate headphone album! After four months of intensive listening I still discover hidden treasures within the mix. This has to be the best produced progressive metal album I’ve heard to date!” ~ Rod Freeman

February 28 , 2006
“It doesn’t get any better than this! I’ve never heard such a warm analog type of digital recording! You must record and produce my upcoming album!” ~ Ross Shepard

Frontier Records Recording Artist Michael T. Ross –
“I made sure I took the time out to be a part of Ron’s new album, because this is some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard!”

“Rattleface’s second release, Hard Times is an earthshaking tour de force Rock-n-Roll ride! It takes the listener to dimensions that Freak of Nature only suggested. Filled once again with awe inspiring guitar playing, over-the-top vocal performances and unbelievable groove and battery! Listening to the new album is a lot like watching Charles Bronson in one of his greatest movies…Always stretching the boundaries of imagination to suggest the unimaginable and to take control of your stereo.”

September 14 , 2004
“Almost too over the top! After the third time I spun it in my Camaro, it was quite a long time after it left my CD changer.” ~ Victor Delgado

September 4 , 2004
“Cut it out!” ~ Dave Micheal

August 15 , 2004
“Give me a break! I’ve never heard a keyboardist produced so fine on a record, let alone knowing it was all done with a guitar on Rattleface’s Hard Times album! Holy @#$%!.” ~ Wade Bromley

June 20 , 2004
“I don’t remember the last time I mastered an album where four songs in I didn’t need to hear the entire track to go to press. The mix was that good!” ~ Stephan Marshall – Chief Engineer – Threshold Sound

Rattleface’s first release Freak of Nature is getting rave reviews from fans and complete strangers alike. In many of the premier listening sessions people refused to leave without a copy of what they had just experienced. Originally slated for a January 2003 release date, we pressed a limited edition with additional artwork that will surely become a Rock-n-Roll collector’s item classic and a must own! We will be selling these through the end of the year at a very special price, because more than anything the band wants you to have a very special hour and six minutes of their finest work to date. Just listen to what these music lovers had to say…

October 1 , 2003
MetalXtreme Magazine reviews Freak of Nature –
Freak Of Nature
STS Productions 2002
Fans of 80’s heavy/hard metal will rejoice at the new release by Orange County’s Rattleface – a CD which seems to have run the gamut of commercial metal clichés from two decades hence and repackaged it for a new millennium. In the first fifteen minutes alone of Rattleface’s debut CD Freak of Nature, the band has pulled out the guitar-chugging high-energy screamer entitled “Seventh Day”, followed by the mid-tempo bluesy hard rock number, “Living for the City”, and then the power ballad, “God Bless America”. The vocals of Rattleface frontman Kevin Jones sound like Sebastian Bach in his glory days, soaring and screaming catchy choruses over riffing, singing, and soloing guitars well-shred by lone-guitarist Ron Sachs. Guitar solos! Imagine that! This release has plenty of them, too, including the classically-inspired instrumental “Sand Castles”.
I confess, if all the songs on this CD sounded like “Seventh Day” and “Suffering Souls”, I would be sporting a perma-woody for this band – unfortunately, most of the songs seem to dwell in that mid-tempo hard rock category with a few power ballads tossed in “for the girls”.
Although the musical path on which Rattleface treads has been well worn, these metal veterans do an admirable job at traversing that road. In today’s rap-and-groove metal market, this band is refreshingly fun and upbeat, harkening an era long gone but not forgotten in the hearts of metal legions across the Hollywood and San Fernando Valley regions.
Contact Rattleface: 11961 Garey Street, Garden Grove CA 92840;
©2003 MetalXtreme Magazine – All Rights Reserved

“Freak of Nature. Perfect name for this album, as it does things not many albums these days do, like kick ass from start to finish, play actual REAL rock n’ roll, and have an amazing guitarist blazing through every song.
The band’s name is Rattleface, and that guitarist is Ron Sachs, a virtuoso player and composer always pushing everything to the limit.
Being a hot shot guitarist myself who has played in many bands, I immediately realized something right from the first 30 seconds of this album: this isn’t a guitar player you want to have to follow on stage. This is the type of stuff the kids have to go to the stores for and look at the guitar mags with the tab, try it for two weeks, and realize they’re never going to be able to play it.
The opening is unbelievable, and when the band kicks in, it’s obvious this isn’t a one man show. David White, on drums, blends the music perfectly into an intensity matched by few bands. And Kevin Jones on vocals is as good as they come, often times seeming to have 3 different voices. Which one is the best. You wouldn’t know. he is blessed with that kind of a vocal range and ability. And wouldn’t you know, like most great guitarists, Ron chooses to play all the bass himself, usually preferring to use a bassist other than himself for the live shows, but not the recordings.
So it starts out on the Seventh Day, song one of this metal monster, and just flies through at a crazy pace. The guitar and the vocals really stand out on this one. This is one of my favorites, as intense as anything out there. Living For The City, song two and the only cover on the album(Stevie Wonder), immediately shows this band can do more than just play fast and be technical. The change in style is perfect, and the song still takes on the pure rock n’ roll sound of Rattleface. Great choice for a cover. Anyone say 9/11? So trendy and headline grabbing how most bands jump at writing a song about that day, yet Rattleface does it right. The lyrics are touching and heartfelt and could stand alone simply looked at on paper, and the song has an emotion which is real and patriotic in a true American way. Song four deals with an issue not many deal with. I won’t give away the title or the concept. It may offend some of you internet users as well? Gates of Heaven is next. This band has a great message. It can be taken many ways: religious? something else? pure? sarcastic? All the songs on the album are mainly written by Kevin and Ron and are open to interpretation, a sign of great songwriting. Well, song six has a picture. Picture on the album jacket, and a picture of sound on the CD. Quite an unexpected surprise, and also a perfect intro to the beautiful Where Is The Love, where Kevin really displays an unbelievable knack for melody making. Another one of my favorites, the grooves on this one by the entire band are amazing and quite catchy. Ron also shows he can slow down and play with a confidence not many technical wizards can. The next two songs, Happy Days and Summer Forever, go to an almost classic rock feel and are perfect one after another. Then it’s back to full-throttle metal, the real deal, with Suffering Souls. Another favorite of mine. This one is unbelievable! Wait til’ you hear the guitar on this one, kids! The next one is another surprise. Listen to it. Then we’re switched again back to something heavy, and this one weighs a ton! Then comes the perfect finish by Ron Sachs, the beautiful and amazing Sand Castles. Of course a favorite of mine, this is how it should be done.
Throughout the entire album, these guys are on some sort of spiritual vibe together, and they always seem to each add something of their own to each song which compliments each other perfectly. Great groove going on and great musicianship.
It would be an insult to drop names or comparisons to these guys, because this is top rate. If you like the best of 70’s and 80’s metal, this is as good as it gets (and I’m talking about the real shit, not the pussy shit).
About the only weak spot on the album is song 14. Oh, there is no song 14. Guess it’s perfect then. Thank you Rattleface for making an album that I’ll listen to over and over and over again.”
~ Johnny T. 9/1/02


“Hi Ron,
I´m back in town and the first I had done was open your parcel, switch on my CD player and WHOOOOOMMM!!!!!!! SEVENTH DAY is the right opener, just a killer. The vocals from Kevin sounded like the old METAL CHURCH. On my knees and praid the music. Hot guitar, great song. LIVING FOR THE CITY good cover hard and dry with good vocals and guitars. GOD BLESS AMERICA, sounded like a song on the last MANOWAR, typical American, patriot but very very good. The vocals kills, a good between hard guitar
and keys. TELEVISION MONKEYS oh my good!! I must think about METAL CHURCH. REAL KILLER. GATES OF HEAVEN great song with typical guitar licks (Remember me on Jake E Lee from Ozzy). Power Metal at his best!!!!!!!!
After this first 5 songs I had to make a break with Song 6. Meditation
before next song started. Typical like the HEARTACHE CITY CD. WHERE IS THE LOVE, a little bit of progressive start than also like MANOWAR ballad with a strong vocal harmony and good guitar. HAPPY DAYS. Yes with this CD I will have happy days. Please shout and scream for me Kevin. The guitar and the vocals will work very good together. Summer Forever. Normal song not so strong as the others but this kind of song must be on the CD. SUFFERING SOULS. Great guitar, with your fucking great guitar!!!!!! One of the best.
In Memory of. Now I need something to drink for the rest of the CD. Them Daggers pumping, pumping, YES RATTLEFACE is on the right way. Sand Castles good end remembered me on my Spain holiday ended yesterday.Good
idea with the little hidden track. Now I had quickly hit repeat. SEVENTH
DAY, my son Alex stands on the table with his air guitar, I think we all loose our minds. While the HEARATACHE CITY CD was good, this CD kills and is very very hot and brilliant.
Now I have to listen again and again to your CD………
~ Jolly Joker – Rattleface’s European Connection 8/29/02

“Rattleface is the answer to what rock music needs today, a new band to bring back the talent, aggression and high energy that people have been waiting so long to hear. Kevin Jones’ savage vocals bring a brutal onslaught of power and intensity that flow in sync with sick guitar riffs and driving drum progressions. Sticking out like a bone that’s been ripped through the flesh, inspirational and phenomenal guitar playing stain the entire CD. Without a doubt Ron Sachs delivers a technical masterpiece of timeless lead guitar work with vibrato that leaves you hypnotized at one moment and at the next, takes you away to new heights of lightning fast picking and arpeggios that are unmatched by guitarists today. “Freak of Nature” is definitely an album to have in your arsenal of rock CDs.”
~ Paul Schierholtz – Guitar Shredder 8/20/02

This CD kicks the shit out of everything out there. Great songs and
musicianship. Keep up the good work . Love this stuff. hard as nails, yet
melodic as hell.
~ Richie 8/18/02

“WARNING! before you listen to Rattleface, strap on your helmet and be ready for a ride that will have gravity tuggin’ on your face so tight that you’re likely to press “repeat” like I did on the first track! Within the first 30 seconds on the first track I’m listening to this guitar go off like some machine gun makin love to a chainsaw!!! So I press pause,start over the song and ask myself – Did I just hear what I think I heard? I CAN’T MELLOW OUT! THIS SONG IS MAKIN ME WANT TO GO DRIVE MY SPORTS CAR @ 150MPH AND WHO CARES! LET THE COPS CHASE ME! THEY CANT CATCH ME LISTENING TO RATTLEFACE! Finally I mellow out. At last something mellow to listen to…the instrumental stuff on this cd will for sure make you the “mack daddy” lover that you need to always be! This band has diversity. They have what us true “Bangers” need to get in our blood…so if you have thick blood like I do, RATTLEFACE will fire you up! If you have thin blood, stick with your BON JOVI or N’SYNC and enjoy suckin’ your thumb in the corner! RATTLEFACE IS COMING ON STRONG. SOON I HOPE TO SEE THEM LIVE! (ladies and doberMAN,don’t forget to tell your friends)”
~ Rodney Freeman 8/21/02

Damn! I think I burned up my cd player putting Rattleface in repeat. Smoke’s coming out of player This is a fine album. I’m putting a gold star next to your name
~ Rob 8/16/02

“Listening to your album, received it Monday, and listening to it for a second time. So far, an exteremely clean and quiet record, the mastering is flawless. The mix is extremely good as well, very well balanced, and pleasant to the ear, nothing scratchy or annoying, no annoying poorly miked cymbals or hissy thin guitars. The tones captured on the guitar, Schenker might only wish for. As far as the vocals so far, Jones is very good at his style, although I can’t comment much on the style because it’s not what I am used to listening to, and havent listened to in years, but definitely to rival the greats such as Halford, Dickinson, etc. The 2nd song, although I’m not familiar with the original, is brilliant, I must say it is among my favorite on the album, again, amazing production on this song, great choice to follow the vocals with the guitar on the hook part. The guitar synth is amazing, never overplayed, the sound textures are brilliant, lush sounding, huge. I would have liked to hear the synth decay a bit more from chord to chord, but hey, its very, very cool. The songs overall, are very, very well written, exciting all the way through, very professional. It’s a guitar players dream to listen to, very well balanced, not an album your going to get tired of very quickly. I hope you have great success with this band, if not, you should definilty produce other bands. The recording is flawless, well mixed, punchy, balanced, awesome.”
~ Darren 8/14/02

“Sometimes I wish I had four ears so that I can listen to your album when I work on other stuff.”
~ Sean Nova – Sonic Mastering 8/10/02

Thanks, I received your package and listed to the CD on my way home. I really love Television Monkeys (I believe it is called)…also your rendition of the Stevie Wonder song! Overall it sounds great…your best yet! I will listen to it more this week. Thanks for mentioning me and Theta! I really appreciate it. Are you playing live with this band yet? If you are ever up this way, I would love to come and see you play!
Talk with you soon.
~ Glenn Buckley – Theta Digital 8/5/02

“I noticed a remark on the album liner notes for the song Sand Castles that sand was sold separately. Could I get a 50 pound bag shipped to me the same time as I place my cd order or do I need to do this separately? Thanks for all the great music!”
~ Carlos 8-27-02

Hello Ron,
my name is August, I met you at the Paladino’s gig last weekend (I was the ‘sub’ guitarist for the Journey tribute that night). I just wanted to contact you to say that your playing was utterly inspiring, just phenomenal. I used to be way into the ‘shred’ thing, and went to GIT back in ’88-89, when that was all the rage. I aspired to play at that level, and was a huge Yngwie fan for several years, but the reality was I could never achieve that degree of skill, specifically the picking speed. I’m not a slow player, but there’s a quantum leap from the average ‘fast’ rock player, to the level you’re at. I don’t mean to harp only on the speed angle, it’s just that is what immediately struck me, and the sheer authority of your playing. Forgive the inevitable comparisons, but I was most reminded of Michael Angelo and Paul Gilbert, but with your own ‘voice’. I wish I had heard the whole set, unfortunately I only caught the last few songs…actually, I was in the parking lot, and our keyboard player spotted me and ran out there to say, ‘you HAVE to get in there and see this guitar player!!’. Glad I did! Anyway, I’ll keep this short..wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with this band and any future endeavors. You’re a monster player, and from what little I could tell, a remarkably ‘ego-less’ player, which is a real blessing. I have your card, thank you, and if I ever get down to Yorba Linda I will definitely get in touch with you. I searched for you on the Net, and was very surprised to not find you all over the place..your time is coming, I’m fairly sure of that!
Take care,
March 21st, 2003
RATTLEFACE is busy recording their follow up CD with producer/guitarist Ron Sachs at the helm once again. Mark Ludmer has been adding bass tracks and the sound is freekin’ AMAZING. Release date for the CD is November 2003.

March 1st, 2003
RATTLEFACE headlines the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. See pix of the show here


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