Ron’s Gear


Electric Guitar Amps

Lee Jackson modified Marshall 100 watt head
Lee Jackson modified 50 watt head with hundred watt transformer

Speaker Cabinets – Lee Jackson custom built & wired Celestion Vintage 30 4×12 cabinet
One custom built & wired ElectroVoice loaded 4×12 cabinet.

Outboard Gear – Electric Guitar
Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverb
3 Delta Lab Compueffectrons
Rocktron Hush II noise reduction

Furman PL Plus power conditioner
Custom built Lee Jackson splitter snake & pedal board switching system
Boss volume pedals

Vintage Boss Super Overdrive Pedal
Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

Boss TU-15 Tuner

Radial Jenson-Equipped Passive Direct Box

Lee Jackson LaGrunge Distortion Pedal
Lee Jackson Gain Pedal

Digitech 100 Whammy Wah pedal

Sescom MS3-3 Microphone Combiner

MIT Hard Wire Reference Speaker Interfaces
MIT Z-Cord II power cables

Tripp – Lite Iso Bar 4 Ultra

Matt Salazar Custom Input Buffered Mach III Interface

Custom cabling and pedalboard layouts by Matt Salazar of Futara Audio


2 Custom Eduahaus Sachs Ultra Flying V Guitars with Seymore Duncan JB Pickups, custom capacitors and Schecter hardware
Ovation hollow body Custom legend acoustic guitar built to shred
Guild Jumbo D-50… the beauty of my acoustic tone
Mellissa Ethridge 12 string that sings like a bird
Fender Percican Bass Guitar
Roland GKII Kit synth pickup that lets me put all the wonderfull strings, grand pianos & effects within my music right from any of my guitars
I use Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings on my electric guitars with the G string changed out to an 0.14 gauge and Phosphor Bronze lights for my acoustics.

Acoustic Guitar Rig

Consists of a Boss AC-3 Acoustic Guitar Processor, TU-15 Tuner, GG-20 Giga Delay, CE-20 Chorus Ensemble, Lee Jackson Gain Pedal, Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthisizer, Boss Volume Pedal, Gracie Walk-Up Guitar Stand, MIT Power Cable Z Cord II, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, two Radial JDI Duplex-2-Channel Jensen-Equipped Passive DI.

Custom cabling and pedalboard layouts by Matt Salazar of Futara Audio

Keyboard Rig

Consists of three state of the art sound modules that I trigger at the same time with the assistance of the Roland GI-20 digital Interface, MidiMan Midi Interface, and Rolls line mixer.
My modules are three Roland XV-5050s with custom cards and are programmed by your’s truly. The sound of these units is unbelievable to say the least. Of course everything is custom wired and powered by Matt Salazar of Futara Audio with the best sounding wire available today.