Kevin Jones


Kevin Jones sings straight from the heart. His vocals speak to many. Once strongly considered as Rob Halford’s replacement in Judas Priest; no doubt he will take Rattleface straight to the top. Obviously, the guys in Rattleface are proud to have such a monster vocalist and are excited for the world to hear the Class A Vocals that Kevin pulls out time and time again in the studio and at live shows. Kevin is also a Multi talented Musician – a guitarist as well as playing multiple instruments, he is a legendary singer and performer in the Los Angeles and Orange County music scene and has been for years, fronting acts such as Stepchild and Striker. As a songwriter Kevin Jones has written more than 200 songs in his lifetime! He is a talented, prolific writer that the band feels offers up lyrics that are unmatched in today’s rock world as he really delivers a message and something to say about the beauty, the pain and sorrows of the world !!!! For example check out the lyrics to the new song off of ” Second House on the Left “LOVE IS THE ANSWER” which pours out his vision of what life and love are all about.
joneszbioThe same vision and beauty applies to the two prior records “Freak of Nature” and “Hard Times”. If you loved Kevin’s vocals tracks on these previous releases than you are going to be blown away by his singing on the new songs that Rattleface will conquer the world with in 2006 !!!
Kevin has offered up a huge can of Whoop Ass on the new record, available 1-23-06 tilted “Second House on the Left”! So Check ‘him out !

Kevin Jones Kicks Ass !